Wardrobes in Thessaloniki by Artion Design

Wardrobes are a necessity furniture in every bedroom, since they provide style and organization both in small and large rooms, perfectly meeting the needs of your own household. In Artion Design, the leading furniture company in Thessaloniki, you will find a wide variety and unbeatable prices to equip your own home while enjoying unique benefits:

Comfort and functionality

Some people have countless clothes, some others fewer; some people have large bedrooms with a lot of space, while some others have smaller and cramped ones. Every home is different and that’s why in Artion Design we provide you with countless solutions in wardrobes with ergonomic design so to have everything tidy up and instantly accessible whenever you need it.

Innovative designs that stand out

Innovative designs that stand out All the wardrobes of Artion Design follow the trends of a top-notch design and are ideally combined with the rest of the furniture in the room providing capacity solutions for each one of them.

Affordable solutions for every home

You can find in our store the best and the most affordable wardrobes in Thessaloniki, since the extremely low prices and the unique offers we provide to our customers make our furniture the most advantageous choice for every home.

See some of our projects

Handleless grey lacquered wardrobe

Handleless grey lacquered wardrobe

Wardrobe with louvered doors featuring gloss lacquer

Wardrobe with louvered doors featuring gloss lacquer

Wardrobe with open sections and invisible oak veneer door

White lacquer corner wardrobe with oak handle

Lacquered shaker type wardrobe doors

Lacquered wardrobe with embossment door

Handleless gloss lacquered wardrobe

Handleless lacquered wardrobe